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to Nazliha

The frosty nights I’ve been watching your way
wanting to get wet when it rains
cold to the bones under the snow
Walking until black waters fall on my heels
The nights I don’t know why, we don’t know
The nights we wait for Nazlıha

No letter, no farewell
Not a trace, not a sound on your way
The reason why I don’t know, I don’t know
This sacrifice that I don’t know why, I don’t know

Does man know how to do it?
Does the heart know how to open the door, Adam’s daughter?
a black day
I know the land
Come and put on the land…

to Nazliha 2

I said Nazan, you did not understand,
I said Canan, you didn’t hear,
I wrote Nilgün, you didn’t arrive.
I thought you understood
I waited towards the evening

As of the moment, the violin is heard
The most beautiful voice of the century is with you
It is noticed, felt, rested at dawn
Hands towards the sky, known with you
I thought you understood, right in the cry

Blacks, get dressed in black and come…

Poems were orphaned, I could not find a single syllable
I am orphaned and devastated
Understand, born to poems
Understand, the evening sun stopped setting
The moon stopped turning
Night ice and frost
Ignorance of the dawn hurricane
My heart stopped tossing
I turned away from the sun
towards you
Oh dear, you have cold winds that I can’t understand
Oh dear, you have glaciers that I can’t understand
Oh dear, you have a distance that I can’t understand
O dear,
O I don’t understand
Oh I can’t explain
Come and put on the land…

to Nazliha 3

Into the void on the way of time…
At the end of the road…
I wore black and went out in the morning…
Gassal splashed water on my face
My voice was heard from the heavens
My body was found at the door of his house

Waiting at your hard door
be under suspicion
It’s hard to crawl like babies
While the sands of time are pouring down

My foot is standing on the ground
Your way is time is coming my heart
Eyes are standing by
Nazlıha’s voice stops
Don’t be silly, you’ve got a lot to say
Face me, there’s so much to see

I’m the one who takes trouble after trouble
I go to vuslat in unity
I promise Nazlıha
Audible was born on wednesday
I’m not a painter, I can’t draw
I’m not an artist, I’m not a poet at all
I’m not a writer, I can’t write
I’m not deaf, I’m not halal at all
I think I’ll tell you towards the morning

Come and put on the land…

to Nazliha 4

It is not innocent, as I enter the morning without blinking my eyes at dawn.
Nights are not innocent when burning a forest for a word, a word
The moon is looking at my face and the sun has risen in the morning
My invaluable heart was born into a ruin.
Those who do not look back are not innocent, my mood has hit the ground.

A handful of grains of sand, the keeper of time,
Do not hide behind the mountain,
No one is innocent,
You are not innocent either.
I’m not innocent
oh dear
My eyes from the castle of mourning
oh dear
Come and put on the land…
There is this city towards the evening

5 to Nazliha

Man’s way is faith, for the sake of mujahid
The test of love is in the palm of the mujaddid
Don’t get tired of your feet on the way to the dervish lodge you don’t know
Mind test solved at chess table
Someone moved a stone, millions spilled
The wind blew everything turned to ash
One ate a thousand stones
The world closed your eyes and your back turned to the Throne

In Nazlıha’s love, I am a state
I don’t know the decision, I’m only once
I turn to ashes on Asli’s way
Move the mountain for the sake of Leyla
I have no faith, the path of love was born to the end

Nazliha, on the way of love, at the end of the century
As the sands of time pour down
My faith is firm, I know you best

It’s in faith, it’s possible, it’s on the way, it’s on the way
Who knows how to go, who knows how to suffer
Who knows love, loyalty, compassion
Faith is firm, born at dawn
Come and put on the land…
There is this city towards the evening

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

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