Miguel Á. Padriñán adlı kişinin Pexels'daki fotoğrafı


Which wave takes me away, throws me to the shores,
I was tired in the middle of the sea.
Which hand takes me away, attaches me to paper clips,
I was alone in the middle of the table.

I wrote seven on paper, seven out of seven.
The boat traveled all seven seas at once.
Husband and wife ate, it was not over.
I was seven runners under my feet.

Discovery, discovery, entangled letters,
They singled out every word, every syllable,
They ate life with pure sadness.
I was forgotten among the appetizers.

While the Throne wanders, the dome of the sky watches.
However, they scratched the soil against it and buried it.
They neither spoke nor listened, they always remembered,
I was known as deaf and dumb in Sada.

The seven hills stand apart.
A cloud rains I on the seven hills.
As the fires of the hills go out,
Beneath the ground I burn.
The ashes of the hills are remembered,
A coal remains.

big paper,
Seven in the middle…
Seven! What’s that? Seven what?
Just seven!
Seven hills, seven types, seven types,
Seven continents, seven layers, seven layers, seven tars,
Seven letters, seven words, seven words, you ate, I ate.
A big seven, just seven!
He looked at the paper, looked and left.
He threw the compass and left.


Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

Dünyayı kelimelerle ifade etmeye başladığımdan beridir harflerle hemhal biriyim. Mekatronik temelli eğitim hayatımın perspektifinden ağaçların, çiçeklerin, hayvanların mekanizmalarını çözmek üzere tefekkür etmekteyim.

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