Alexander Krivitskiy adlı kişinin Pexels'daki fotoğrafı

Do not go

Don’t wait for love, you will find it in the arms of heaven.
Don’t let the wind grow in your palms and don’t blow.
Don’t wait, you’ll drown deep in your heart.
Do not let the seasons grow in dreams and pass away.

Has the longing come from arrogance?
The stars were scattered all over the sky.
Did separation come from darkness?
They take shelter in the lights in the cold of night.

There is no stop, subdivision, end, pavilion of the road,
Do not worry about your troubles, do not reproach.
It doesn’t come to be ayan, its word, eye, lip,
Don’t go over the mountains with the clouds and the rain.

I who crossed the throne and reached the sky.
You who cut the ground to the ground…
Wherever I look, I see it.
Wherever I want, I can find it.
The world is like a ball, wherever I hit,
Your eyes stay in mine.
Do not turn your face to the light and do not go away.

Creation Date: 18.02.2020
Issue Date: 21.04.2020

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

Dünyayı kelimelerle ifade etmeye başladığımdan beridir harflerle hemhal biriyim. Mekatronik temelli eğitim hayatımın perspektifinden ağaçların, çiçeklerin, hayvanların mekanizmalarını çözmek üzere tefekkür etmekteyim.

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