Önder Örtel adlı kişinin Pexels'daki fotoğrafı


While you’re wrapping your arms around me
I’m still waiting for the sky blue of course
I don’t know if the light will go out in the heart forever
Seeing a seda too much and prolonging the vuslat

The colors of the rainbow and the moody nights
The beauties of the universe while gathering on it
A word is with a word, its precious details
Don’t take your eyes off my way and don’t tare me

I couldn’t count how many years it’s been
Life goes by, I can’t remember what was said
Starry black nights waiting for the day
Be the sun to the roads that come to you, do not extend my way

There are many beauties and subtleties in it.
What is this reproach, there is so much sadness in my life
There are thousands of grains falling from my face
Don’t make me brandish by leaving my question unanswered.

The roads to you are long, maybe they are hills
The one who walks on the road and the one who sits are drunk
The tears falling on your love have dried in my hands
Take the distances, don’t hold me by your side

Days of the unknown starry night
At night after every born day
Those who are waiting for their essence in the sky dome
Don’t make my eyes tired by stretching the time

You are in the farthest corner of my mind
You are in every distance that my eyes see
At the end of every word I say
You are in the spoon I hold in the water I drink
You are in the dream I saw in my bed
If my life is over, I will sacrifice a servant
Hold my hand and kiss me, let this exile extension end

30.04.2018 / 28.06.2020

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

Dünyayı kelimelerle ifade etmeye başladığımdan beridir harflerle hemhal biriyim. Mekatronik temelli eğitim hayatımın perspektifinden ağaçların, çiçeklerin, hayvanların mekanizmalarını çözmek üzere tefekkür etmekteyim.

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