About the War of the Elti movie review and the diseases of the age

The last film of Gupse Özay, who has accomplished successful works in the category of women’s comedy, The Battle of the Eltilerin is about the typical envy between two elites. Gupse Özay, who previously made successful comedy films such as Deliha and Deliha 2, made a family situation comedy here, as in his previous film Görümce.

Gupse Özay, whose pen I find strong, and Gürse Birsel, whom he took as an exemplary role model, seem to continue to be successful in comedy. 

I liked the flow of the movie, the characters and the plot, I think that the actors in the movie shared by Gupse Özay, Merve Dizdar, Ferit Aktuğ and Uraz Kaygılaroğlu as actors can transfer their energy to the stage correctly, and I definitely recommend watching the movie, which I find successful in general, for individuals who like family sitcoms. I do. (Because we don’t have a lot of female comedian friends, I think the movie should be supported even if it doesn’t get appreciation, I liked the movie.)

I would like to take a brief look at the subject, which he feeds on the occasion of the movie, and makes a situation comedy out of it, to touch on the subject, to ignite the dynamite and shatter the mountains with a few questions, maybe become a spark and become a fire, maybe become a flood and carry what I have brought to my front to the sea… maybe. it purifies all evil in proportion… with sadness… maybe by crying… maybe… maybe by begging… like a beggar, like a young lame who shuffles around… like a butt that can’t see its way… ruined I want to drown in questions, with a weary heart… with this humble and helpless self that lives forgetting everything and everyone, all the beauties, with all my evils, but regretfully, with a voice of call, tearful and sad.

So what was the main feeding material?

Envy (envy, jealousy), yes, how bad it is, it feeds on a form of bad feeling, which we can consider as the most obvious and commonplace of our day and the basis of many psychological disorders, which we can consider as a disease in itself.

How did this intolerance start, how did it get so big and hot, what made it so widespread and spread this disease to everyone, it will be a little heavy, but in a world where a few rude people live, so many people who collect garbage and beg, expensive on social media  by sharing what you eat and drink in luxury restaurants, luxury yachts, boats and more… how did it happen… how did it come to this… how did humanity turn into such a senseless society… forgetting to share, it started to turn into a selfish, lonely, and even stupid and cruel society. . What was it that ignited the wick, who planted this cursed magical tree, which monkey offered this poisonous apple to humanity?

It turned into a race, of course, how much we can waste a product, how much damage we can cause to nature, the society that shows respect in front of its mother and father, now shoots a video and shares it… what about the man who made the little kitten smoke… while watching this movie, many more questions came to my mind…

When we came to the end of the movie, the last sentence of the article written by Ms. Esra came to my mind in that last scene… “Don’t waste your smiles on anyone, okay? Live this life without getting tired…”

In this movie, the characters tired their wives a lot…

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War of the Elti

The Battle of Eltilerin focuses on the sweet conflicts and the endless rivalry between the two elites, Sultan and Gizem. Gizem and Sultan are two young women with hands. The small quarrels between the two leave their place to a sweet rivalry after a while. Elti, who are not behind each other’s actions, find themselves in a fun war. After a while, Selim and Fatih, who are brothers, are caught in the wind of this rivalry between their spouses. Focusing on the married lives of Gizem and Sultan, who are known for their fondness for social media, the film also reveals how the two elites affected Selim and Fatih when they were in a race. Gupse Özay, who also plays the leading role, writes the script of the movie, in which Onur Bilgetay sits in the director’s chair. Merve Dizdar, Ferit Aktuğ and Uraz Kaygılaroğlu accompany Özay in the cast of the film.

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

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