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Seven Years in Tibet, originally called Seven Years in Tibet, is a 1997 American adventure, drama and biographical film based on a true story of Heinrich Harrer’s own life. The director of Seven Years in Tibet, Jean-Jacques Annaud, is also among the producers of the film. The film is about a mountaineer’s experiences and changes during his seven-year adventure in Tibet.


When the scenario, location, acting and editing elements of the movie we will share the details of are evaluated, we are faced with a successful business. In this movie, which tells the life story of a mountaineer, we enjoy watching every frame of the movie. The film, which is a historical film, reflects the period in a good way, in which we did not encounter any mistakes made in the details.



We can describe it as a long-running, peaceful film with a documentary-Biography flavor. It is a pleasure to watch Heinrich Harrer’s character, played by Brad Pitt in the lead role, come to terms with his inner conflicts, change and get rid of all his egos. One of the most striking subjects is the quality words that you can note many times in the movie. There are separate developments of the two characters in this movie. The film shows how a man who is far from his home, the people he knows and the places he knows develops in another place, with people he has never met and a child who is not his own. 


In 1939, famous mountaineer Heinrich Harrer dreams of reaching the highest peak of the Himalayas with his friend Peter. This dream of two friends will soon turn into a plan. They make a good plan to climb the Nanga Parbat peak of the Himalayas and set off. The harshness of the weather conditions and the unsuitability for climbing will affect them in a very short time. Avalanche danger and similar situations prevent them. Two adventurer friends then want to return to their campsite, but this time they are trapped by British soldiers. British soldiers capture them and take them to my prison camp.

After several unsuccessful escape attempts, the two friends manage to escape, thanks to their adventurous spirit, and escape through the mountains of India to Tibet. The story will actually just begin for two friends who live the adventure and struggle to the end. When they first reach Tibet, the people are a little uneasy and cautious because they are foreigners. However, they are later accepted by the public. After that, Harrer will see things he hasn’t seen before and will be quite surprised. Witnessing the rule of the 11-year-old religious leader of Lhasa, he will also witness his path and development.


A movie that handled a simple theme very well left a pretty good impression on me. The scenes in the first parts of the movie give people peace of mind. Besides that, Brad Pitt’s acting is really great in this movie. Some may watch this movie just because it has Brad Pitt, so they wouldn’t be mistaken. If you want a really good Brad Pitt performance, Seven Years in Tibet has it. The movie also offers very good character developments as a script. Although I think that it will meet your expectations from the adventure part of the job, I guess I don’t need to say that it does not contain “action”. The director behind the camera should also be congratulated. He did a pretty good plot.

The movie Seven Years in Tibet shows us how great and impressive this culture, which they despise, is, with Western people’s exposure to Eastern culture, which they regard as inferior to themselves, in a way. In addition, he mentions the negative aspects of this culture abundantly. A critique of both Western and Eastern cultures is made in the film, in a way. While witnessing a people and city led by a child, Harrer not only learns and develops from that 11-year-old boy and this Eastern culture, but also learns and listens to Western culture from 11-year-old religious leader Harrer.

So that’s another important difference between our civilizations and yours. While you admire the person who pushes for the top in every aspect of this life, we admire the person who leaves his ego.

After the release of the movie, the Chinese government  banned Brad Pitt from entering China.

Jean-Jacques Annaud
Heinrich Harrer (book), Becky Johnston (screenplay)
Brad Pitt, David Thewlis, BD Wong
Adventure, Biography, Drama
1997, 2h 16min

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