Silent Spiny Creature Emerging at Sunset

Sweet creatures that appear when the sun goes down and the sun goes down, yes they are, they call them hedgehogs. These animals, which do not exist during the day, suddenly appear at night, and sometimes we see them while crossing the road on the road, sometimes searching for an insect to eat in a field.

The hedgehog spends the day hiding from the sun in a secluded place during the day and sleeps and wakes up at night and comes out of its hiding place to hunt. Don’t be afraid, when he’s scared, he just turns himself in and doesn’t do anything to you, but he has thorns, you may not be able to do anything to him with your bare hands, but anyway, don’t do anything, what harm does it do you…

I saw a hedgehog crossing the street the other day and when it came to the edge, I cut its way and photographed it.

Now, why am I talking about hedgehogs so much, hedgehog…

It was my first school years, because my hair was straight (unfortunately, I can’t share a sample photo because my hair is always long and it looks like this) they nicknamed me hedgehog at school and now I look at how much we have in common, when someone wanted to hurt us, we just shut ourselves up and showed our thorns, but to no one. we did not attack. And we’ve grown, of course, now I’m looking at this sweet animal again and I’m looking at how much we have in common.

I say to myself, because of my illness, I’m avoiding the sun, summer or winter, why does it bother me? Well, it could be the same for hedgehogs, and that’s why they spend the day in a secluded canopy. From this point of view, our lifestyles were very similar, but of course I don’t hunt at night. 😊

In general, I spend the days living without knowing what the day is, I don’t know if I have thorns like hedgehogs, but when a threat comes, we have no choice but to shut ourselves up.

Hz. I know a story about Ali (ra).

Hz. Ali (ra) said: He prayed, “Man is in need of man, do not make me a burden to anyone.”

People really need people. kicking the closed hedgehog to the side of the road, now do you think this is good or bad? I don’t know, maybe that animal didn’t hurt, but do animals have thoughts and feelings ?

Of course, here Mr. There is a different meaning in the parable I gave about Ali (ra), but for now I will only consider it from this perspective because I intend to elaborate on this word in another column.

I don’t know if I’m getting too emotional about things, but I saw a few squashed hedgehogs on the side of the road so I don’t know what to say, what valid reason did you have for turning that animal into that!

When I saw that hedgehog in that state, I thought about the effect of the strong on the weak, what kind of gain does the show of power provide on an individual or any entity that does not harm you, what emotion do you satisfy.

I tried to show the wild and beast identity in man in the Under the Walnut Tree section of the story in the Mountain Village as much as possible, so I will not go into these issues here.

I couldn’t figure out whether it was pessimism or gloom . I hope I lose my hope without getting pessimistic and come out to the light before it gets darker…

Well, to all these;

Shall we say, “Every sheep hangs by its own leg” ? Are we going to be insensitive and fight only for cute cats or dogs and ignore those sweet animals, not just hedgehogs, but all other animals?

When I hear this word, this ancient sentence comes to my mind;

“Every sheep is hanged by its own leg, are you a sheep, you animal!” – Timurtas Ucar

Hoping that his life and everything about life will get better and better days will come… I apologize for my reproaches, my empty throat, for making your eyes tired and your thoughts busy.

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

Dünyayı kelimelerle ifade etmeye başladığımdan beridir harflerle hemhal biriyim. Mekatronik temelli eğitim hayatımın perspektifinden ağaçların, çiçeklerin, hayvanların mekanizmalarını çözmek üzere tefekkür etmekteyim.

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