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I’m Another These Days [4]

I wrote the first article of this series on August 25, 2014, six days before my birthday. Immediately after, on my birthday, on August 31, I published the second one.  

In my first two articles, I put my reproaches on paper about my personal troubles and troubles, and environmental factors. In the third article, I have conveyed my reproaches about the events and the course in Turkey. Now, in this series that I wrote again after a hiatus of two years, the subjects are now from the world…

We have passed through such periods that since 2014, many events have taken place, earthquakes have occurred, floods in the Black Sea, bombs exploded all over Turkey, Argentina knelt down, they made Venezuela worse, it got into a dogfight with America, China and North Korea, Turkey came face to face with Russia, Turkey launched many operations for the south-east, which has become a mess, in a world where such human tragedy has been experienced, Europe suddenly went blind. Israel continued to drop bombs and kill innocent children. There have been so many incidents that none of the persecution has ended and has continued to increase. What about today!

Today, an entity that people cannot see with the naked eye imprisons people at home, and more than five thousand people in the world die every day because of an entity that they cannot see with their eyes. The son of man finds the solution to struggle with this existence by taking shelter in the houses, isn’t it strange! What couldn’t people who were so helpless share, what couldn’t they do, why did they persecute each other so much, what war did these states fight and what victory did they achieve? Eyyy America, which made threats with your weapons, which weapon destroyed this invisible entity…

I am a different person these days, when I go in front of the television, my heart bleeds or when I read it on the radio or on a news site, it feels like blood is dripping inside me. Without these documentaries, we would think that the world would be rosy and we would live, but there are so many hungry and thirsty people, no one is aware of it, the waste is still at its peak, there is a race going on and the unnecessary shopping that does not stop, now people are spending money to relieve stress due to the virus, in another part of the world A child is looking for water to survive.

We say that this world is cruel, what has the world really done to humanity, what has it done, but no one builds buildings, iron and cement steals the blame on the earthquake, human son, builds houses on the stream, throws the blame in the flood, really count, let’s see what the world has done for us, other than giving us its soil. Didn’t he give fruit and vegetables with a thousand and one trees? We dug gold, apples, coal, oil, drank the water that came out of the ground and we lived, and we are still ungrateful and say the world is cruel and we blame it on him by not seeing or hiding the real culprit.

The man (don’t be offended by those who are really men) goes to the recreation area, leaves his garbage there, another one is supposedly cleaning and does not leave his garbage, but he burns a lot of plastic there, harming both the air and the soil.

I’m saying I’m someone else these days, the more I think about it, the more I lose my mind, the conversation doesn’t end, so it has to end somewhere.

Now, someone will say that you wrote so much, what happened, what has changed, but it should be reminded, it should be kept in mind all the time so that people should warn someone when they see it.

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

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