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Take Care of Living

Lupus has always stolen the best moments of my life from me. He always did this when he was about to achieve something or reach a result.

When I look back, every time I ignore him and focus on my life and start doing something for my future, he shows up and turns everything I do upside down enviously. After these vital experiences, I realized that Lupus is Part of My Identity!

Lupus is not something you can ever forget, live your life by taking painkillers, taking vitamin pills and trying to ignore it. Lupus does not sleep even if you put yourself to sleep. Regardless, even if you feel good, you should avoid activities that will tire you out and make lupus angry, so you must learn to live calmly. Even if your family members around you judge you lazily, criticize you or don’t believe you, you should not listen to all this and live your life according to lupus. Remember, no individual without an autoimmune chronic condition will experience lupus fatigue, brain fog, etc. can’t understand. If you have friends who will put you in trouble and upset or stress you with their statements, definitely stay away and reconsider your friendships.

Well, you can remove all kinds of individuals from your life when necessary, but you cannot remove your family from your life in any way, try to explain to them in an appropriate language, go to the doctor’s controls together and let your doctor get information during the examination. Your family will sooner or later understand you and support you.

Eliminate all stressors to smile. As an individual with lupus, you do not only struggle with problems such as fatigue and pain, you also have to shoulder the psychological ruins of these, and this part of the job is really difficult and stress is the main trigger of lupus, no lupus patient under stress feels well, which is scientifically known to reduce pain. So stop fighting with whoever is increasing your stress level and cut them out of your life. Believe me, it will be much better for you.

Know that painkillers and vitamin pills are not your friend. When I tried to do something for my life by calming the problems of lupus disease with painkillers, I spent about a year in bed with the effect of the severe attacks I had at the end of the job, and this has happened twice in my 10-year lupus life. Think about it, about 2 years of my 10-year disease life was spent in bed and the other 2-3 years I spent getting rid of the effects of this process. Think about it, do you think it was worth it?

Live a quiet life, but live your life. If I lived calmly without upsetting Lupus, I would have had a quiet but active life for 10 years, but now I have 10 years of history with all its ruins, I will say that don’t be stubborn with Lupus, try to get along well with it.

Take care of living. Healthy people will never fully understand lupus fatigue and brain fog and other effects of lupus, stop trying to explain it to them, get used to being indifferent, be careful to live as an individual who doesn’t care about anything anymore.

Support the struggle for lupula life and support awareness by sharing your life story and Lupus experiences.

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

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