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NLP, translated into Turkish as Language of Mind Programming, is a model developed in America towards the end of the seventies about the functioning of the mind as a result of the researches on making conscious and developing the perception, thinking and behavior processes that we carry out automatically without thinking about it in our lives. and methodology.

Linguist Prof. John Grinder and Mathematician Dr. NLP techniques, which were modeled by Richard Bandler through the analysis of top-notch therapists, have been developed in the light of sciences such as Psychology, Cybernetics, Neurology, Philology, and are now successfully used in management, education, health, family, sales and sports sciences outside the field of therapy. can be used.

NLP, which is used to reveal and reinforce personal talents and skills, offers a series of methods used to make emotional, thought and behavior patterns conscious and develop them in a goal-oriented and constructive way.

In other words, it is a precise and easily applicable method of controlling the mind that can overcome all known problems.

If we explain the three words that NLP contains one by one, we will have better knowledge about NLP.

Neuro: The basis of our nervous system is our five senses. We all represent the world we live in in different ways. Just as people in different groups can be very different in representing experiences, people in each group have different representations from those in the group.

In a world where many things cannot be definitively classified as right, wrong, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, experiences are represented differently by each person.

Since we perceive the outside world with our five senses, our senses of hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, especially seeing, play a very important role in the formation of these representations.

When describing an experience, we describe what we see, what we hear, what we feel, what we taste and what smells we hear.

Linguistic: The language here is not just the language we speak, but everything we express our thoughts. Without language, we cannot visualize a thought and express it.

Just as we communicate with people with our language, we also use our language in our internal communication. 

The meaning that appears in our minds is expressed by our language and transferred to the person in front of us. Sometimes the expression in our language is shaped in our minds. For example, a sad song can pull us into a bitter emotional state, while an exuberant song can put us in a different mood.

Programming: Our brains work with programs, whether we program them or leave them alone. Just like a computer, we have to program the thoughts in our brain for our behaviors, emotions or beliefs that you want to change. The image that will appear on the life screen is a result of this programming.

A game played by talented actors wins everyone’s appreciation with a very good voiceover and excellent programming.

To be more efficient. To be more successful. Do you want to communicate better with people? He says “Yes” to this question, but “Can these really happen?” If you think so, you can trust NLP in this regard.

But on one condition:

You should not see NLP as information to be read before going to bed at night, but should take action with what you have learned. But in this way, you can experience what many people in the world have experienced.

With NLP, you can make your communication with people more effective by improving your own skills without the need for an external source, so you can achieve success in many areas more easily.

“You can do the best you can with what you have.” Its slogan is an extremely important mission statement personally and institutionally. Because everyone and every institution has very important resources to get what they want. The first thing to do is to be aware of these resources and to use them in the most correct way.

Using NLP and Natural Talents 

According to NLP, there are important abilities that are naturally found in human nature and many of which are not used.

Tendency to Achieve Goal

All people are born with a natural disposition towards goal. A small child can make all his wishes come true by crying.

This is a human tendency. When you use this tendency for the big goals you want to achieve, you will see that everything is achieved, even if it is difficult.

Emotional Sharpness 

Also, human beings are endowed with extraordinary emotional powers. Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, especially the first three senses, help us tremendously in achieving our goals. We call this “emotional acuity”. If we can see the goal you want to reach very brightly, hear the voices at the last point and feel our emotions at that moment, it means that it will be much easier for us to reach this goal.


The third great talent of humans is that they have tremendous modeling power.  The best example of modeling is when a 2-year-old can easily learn a complex language such as Japanese.

According to NLP’s assumptions, if someone has done the job you want to do, you can do it to the best of your ability, provided you pay the same price. 


Our fourth ability is our subconscious. 

Our subconscious mind is like a fertile soil. The thoughts we sow come out of this soil as action after a while. However, when we plant nettle seeds in this soil, where we get fertile crops when we sow very fertile seeds, we only get stinging nettles.

For example, imagine that you are going on a trip the next morning and you have to get up at 4 am. You set your alarm clock for 4 o’clock and you will most likely get up before 4 o’clock. Because your subconscious has followed the order it received from the evening and woke you up before 4 am.

With a quick look at NLP and briefly touching on some topics under a few titles, I cut this article short as an introduction to NLP and end it here. Hope to meet you in our future posts where we will cover many topics on NLP and personal development with NLP…

Abdul Arif Kerim ÇALIŞKAN

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